legal robotThis is my BLOG DISCLOSURE POLICY (dun,dun, dun..don’t you wish there was an emoticom for Law & Order‘s signature music?) as demanded by the FTC in order to make sure that you know, you legalese stuff.

As the creator and author of MeSoCary, I promise you all that if I ever make any money from this site, I will let you know. Probably with a huge neon sign with fireworks and lots of bubbly..because, really, I made some money???? That would be cool.

It is my intention to hopefully one day sell some ad space or do whatever people do to make money from writing. But as of today, this has not happened. (sniff) If that day comes…neon sign & fireworks. and bubbly. lots of bubbly. You’ll definitely know.

If someone ever gives me something for free~!, I will also let you know…because, really, I’m getting it for free???? That would be cool. (I really don’t know why someone would give me something though, as I can’t think how a review of an actual product fits into my whole raison d’etre for this site. So, please don’t send me anything…or maybe ask me first before you send me something? :))

If someone ever asks me to review a place or, dare I say it, a restaurant, I will let you know. I don’t think that I have the will power to say no to free food, so I will definitely let you know that the meal was complimentary.

HOWEVER, all opinions, reviews, tips, and embarrassing stories are all mine. I won’t accept any moolah for telling you something is great if it in fact is only so-so.

You may be asking, why attempt to make any money? Shouldn’t I just write this blog out of the kindness of my heart?

The answer is yes! I am writing this out of the tendency to be bossy and give others my unsolicited opinions kindness of my heart. But that does take time, and I really would like to earn some money so that retirement is an actuality and not a fool’s dream.

But my goal is to have all of us live our AWESOME lives in Cary, and how can it be AWESOME if you, my neighbors, don’t trust me??

So, I promise to be truthful in my writings, and transparent in my dealings. Thank you!

Peace out, Lani