When we moved to Cary, North Carolina, I expected heat, humidity, and bugs. I never knew that earthquakes, tornadoes, and snow all occurred here too (that was a crazy year- 2011!). I also never knew that hurricanes could travel so far inland..doh. My first clue should have been the professional hockey team that plays in Raleigh

The Hurricanes! Yup,they play hockey here in the South. They also play a game called corn hole. Seriously. Corn. Hole.

Anyway, if you are as ignorant about hockey as I am, you may be interested in tomorrow’s Summer Fun Fest 2012 put on by the Carolina Hurricanes. There is a ton of activities for kids, parents, and fans. It looks to be an amazing event. I’m really interested in the closing video to be shown, which features the Hurricane’s history and I’m sure, pumped up action for the upcoming season.

The event starts at 5:30pm, Friday July 20 at the PNC Arena. It should be a super fun, informative event on hockey. If you want to learn more about corn hole….mmm, I’ll get back to you.