So the hubbs and I had our first date night in…I don’t know. Like most parents I know, Date Nights kind of fall by the wayside, behind Lets-Watch-TV-While-Kids-Sleep night and Fall-Asleep-On-Couch night. The energy, the money, the babysitter- it can be a little daunting to get out on a Saturday night.

Fortunately, a neighbor offered to watch our kids and I accepted  (thank you M!). First step to a successful Date Night: accept free babysitting whenever you can! I also had a $50 gift certificate to Jimmy V’s Steakhouse and Tavern in MacGregor Village, Cary. (I randomly won it at a drawing in last year’s Parade of Homes, coincidently at a home in MacGregor Downs.)


As it was both graduation weekend (NC State) and Mother’s Day weekend, we were only able to get a reservation for a table on the patio. It was a beautiful evening though and I prefer dining al fresco, especially when Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet are accompanying us. (The hubbs of course wonders how these guys are famous- “they’re just talking”, he says. Sacrilegious, I say.)

They started us out with complementary garlic bread and greek olives. Yum. The hubbs doesn’t eat bread or olives- Yay, more for me! Unfortunately, they were out of the  elderberry mojito I ordered, but sweet tea was delicious anyway.

I ordered the Twin Applewood Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Chops, with a black currant balsamic glaze and a side of mac and 4-cheese ($32). I also ordered a side of pan roasted wild mushrooms ($6).


Taking pictures for my blog is not my first instinct. Here’s a pic, minus 1, or 4, bites, of my pork chops and mac and 4-cheese.

The hubbs ordered a 9-oz filet mignon ($35), a roasted sweet potato with honey ginger glaze ($6) and broccoli (no cheese, $7). I didn’t get a picture of his filet or very miniscule sweet potato. However, here’s the broccoli:


No, that is not a camera trick. They brought out a giant head of broccoli. It wasn’t even cut. The slices seen above were done by me. It was steamed..but,it was a GIANT head of BROCCOLI. Ridiculous. :)


My meal was delicious. The pork chops were grilled to perfection and the black currant glaze was divine. I wanted to lick my plate. Ok, I did sneak in a few finger licks when noone (was hopefully) looking. Yes, I also picked up both pork chops and gnawed them down to the bone. I would be ashamed, except they were so damn good.

The mac and 4 cheese was also awesome. I was so full from my pork chops I could hardly finish, but trust me, I did. What’s a little stomach pain when there is a symphony of cheese on  my palate? The waitress also informed us that they you could also request bacon be added- evil goodness. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave enough room for my mushrooms. They were also amazing. I love mushrooms, but this side dish could have easily been a meal in itself. Like the broccoli.

My husband thought his meal was, well, fine. He’s a guy that has had the opportunity to dine out, a lot, with work. In his opinion the filet was fine, but not at those prices. “When you pay top dollar, it should cut like butter.” I think the giant head of broccoli kind of dampened his mood too. And the fact the sweet potato was seriously tiny, like a fingerling potato. Oh, and the fact they charged us $10 for the elderberry mojito that was out stock, thus never delivered. But other than that…:)

I think Jimmy V’s is a great date place if you have a deep wallet. I’m glad that we had that $50 gift certificate, but that basically just paid for the hubb’s meal. I really liked our waitress, a charming southerner, and the venue. Plus, we didn’t have to pay for a babysitter, so that helped too.

More than the meal, I loved our Date Night. It reminded of before. You know, before kids, before marriage.. the time when we were just a cute guy and girl, romantic and silly. Of course, we are still those people (plus a few pounds), and that’s why date nights are so important. That’s still us. We just a needed a great night to remind us.

Have you eaten at Jimmy V’s? Did you like it?

P. S. My mother’s day was awesome. I think my husband read my post.