Do you want an escape from your family everyday life? Get out, at least once a month, to laugh, vent, drink, and unwind? New to the area, and looking to make friends? NOT looking to hit the bar scene or nightlife? Want to have fun, but do it in you jeans and t-shirt?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

When I moved to Cary, and into suburbia for the first time, I realized that like the movies and chick-lit, ladies’ clubs actually existed. Once a month, women in our neighborhood would gather and play bunko. (Bunko is a dice game which I have yet to play). These ladies were cool. I wanted to have fun and be cool too. But their club was essentially set- not in a mean way, but in a we’ve known each other for years and this is our night kind of way. I respect that.

So I created my own club. The NCC. (Yes, it has a meaning, and no,  I won’t tell you what it means.) It was really easy, and now, once a month, I get to have a cool club to go have fun too! Hooray!

Here’s how you can too:

start a ladies club

Easy, right?

Step 1: Pick Your Ladies

I asked 14 women who lived in my neighborhood. I didn’t look outside of the hood, because I wanted to be able to walk everywhere. No driving. Plus, I live around these women and I like knowing that I’m strengthening our community ties.

About 4 of the women already belonged to another ladies group (Bunko), but I really liked their company. The remaining ladies were new (had moved in that month), newish (had moved in that year), or I just didn’t know that well but wanted too.

I wrote up an invitation, then asked for opinions from a few close friends, then sent it out. 10 said YES! 3 said Yes, but can’t make the initial meeting! and I never heard from one.

My goal was to have at least 12 in place so that each lady would only host once per year, so this worked perfectly.

Step 2: Pick Your Rules

Here’s mine:

diy ladies club


The goal for my ladies club, the NCC, was really to have fun. Games like Bunko require a set number of people every time. I wanted to make sure there was flexibility to have more, or less than required by a game. Plus, I thought it would be fun if every hostess came up with something…didn’t have to be fancy, just fun. So far in the NCC, I’ve played cards, quarters, drank, pot-head (not what you think), drank, guessing games, etc. etc. It’s been easy and fun.


Step 3: Start

This was actually the hardest part. Taking a chance to just do it. I wanted it to be fun, but with some “rules” in place so ladies would know what to expect. I was nervous about offending people. I was nervous that noone would join. But they did, and I’m so glad I did it! The NCC has given me something fun to look forward to every month.


So, do you have something you look forward to every month? A ladies’ night? A guys’ night?  If not, start one!


PS- here’s the disclaimer on my invitation:

This not your mama’s social club. Questionable behavior welcomed.