So today I went to The Loop for an “exclusive” blogger event. At first when I got the invite, I was like…mmm, did you send this to the right person? But, guess what, I really was invited!

the loop blogger

Plus- they had free food for us! If you’ve been to The Loop, you KNOW that they have some gooooood food.

The Loop Pizza

Their pizza is my favorite…but still, when faced with a plate of chicken tenders, I have to admit…I had some of those too:)

The Loop Chix

I know some of the big bloggers and celebrities are used to the swag, but trust me, I’m still surprised when people actually read my blog and not just ask me to attend events! So, I must admit, I’m feeling a little fussy today. (fussy= special)

The whole point to this event is to help kickoff a new venture being offered by, dishMob. Basically, is partnering with locally run restaurants to help “infuse local communities with national support”. That’s something that is totally in-line with my vision of shopping and eating out. What’s really cool, is that they have chosen only 5 cities in the nation…and guess who got picked? The Loop in Cary, North Carolina!!

So, I’m going to pass on some of the swag today (and in the upcoming months). Here’s the prize:

win to wine

Two people will win-

2-$10 Gift Cards to available- that’s $20 total per winner folks.

Here’s how to enter:

1-”Like” on Facebook (if you don’t already)

2-”Follow” on Twitter (if you don’t already)

3-”Comment” here to let me know that you like me and will follow me AND what local restaurant you would use your $20 gift cards to wine and dine at…

(ps. Sorry, this giveaway is open to residents of the USA. The contest will close next Friday, March 1st at 2pm.)


That’s it! Easy, right! I’ll then choose the two winners using some random method, like having my kids pick numbers or something. I would really enter though, cuz, as a lil’ol blog….your chances of winning are HUGE!!!!

Good Luck!!


 **********This Giveaway is CLOSED. Thank you.***********