Well, like I said before…if you entered, your chances of winning were reallllllly goood. In this case, only 4 entered. For 2 prizes!!! Because I actually know all 4 of you, I decided I couldn’t just let one of my kids shout out a number. I wanted to keep it a bit more, well, official.

First, I assigned you each a number.
#1- Cheryl
#2- Lindsay
#3- Mama2H
#4- Kahale

Then, I went to Random.org and had it pick. Here’s the first winner:


Congratulations Kahale!!!! (I’ll put these in the mail for you this weekend!)

Our second winner is:

random restaurant a

Congratulations Cheryl!! (I’ll get this to you soon, as well!)

Thank you all for entering…and hey, I’m going to give another round of restaurant.com gift certificates at the end of the month. Have a great weekend everyone!!!