Halloween is just a week away. Not ready? No worriess! Here are 5 easy & cheap tips to get yourself into the spirit of things.

1. Don’t mow, don’t trim, don’t clean the front of your house. Nothing says forlorn like a house not being taken care of- dead plants, overgrown bushes and grass add to the ambiance of spooky.For an extra step, buy some “spider webs” and drape it around your front door and windows–or, just let the real spiders take up residence.


2. Add some spooky stuff outside- hanging bones, dollar store bugs and snakes. Just toss them around and wait for the neighbors to gasp in horrified surprise.

bone porch

bone tree stamped


3. Cut out spooky shapes from black paper and tape inside of windows & mirrors for spooky shadows & reflections. I used pics of crows, owls, skeletons, and spiders around my home.  (You can see one owl in the pic above.) Just do an image search for Halloween Templates and you’ll get a ton of options- (click here for examples).

mirror skull



4. Changes some of your photos around the house to “spook” yourselves up. Check out this post for more details: Me So SCary: Creepy, Easy, Monster Photos for Free! Here’s an example- yikes!

Halloween Collage


5. Go Boo a Neighbor. That’s right- boo them. This is a great way to get your whole neighborhood into the Halloween Spirit on the cheap! Fill a bag with goodies (candy, pencils, or fake snakes & spiders) and leave them on the porch of an unsuspecting neighbor with the following note:

You Have Been Booed

For this one, and more “Boo-ed” printable templates, click here.


You’re ready for Halloween! Now if I can just decide on my costume…