It’s that time of year again- lei time!! Check out my niece (on the left) who just graduated high school back in Hawai’i. Lots of lei, right?


Congrats H! We love you!!!

Today’s lei is made not only of flower, but anything you can string together..including CANDY! Delicious. Easy. Awesome

DIY Candy Lei Supplies

Plastic Wrap, Assorted Candy, Ribbon

Step 1

Roll out about 3-4 feet of Plastic Wrap on your counter


Step 2

Place candy along plastic wrap, leaving a little space in between

Step 3

Fold and roll the plastic wrap around the candy, creating a long plastic candy roll

Step 4

Using ribbon, tie-off each individual candy section. I used simple curling ribbon.

Step 5

Tie the ends together with the curling ribbon. Done!

I’m making these lei for the kids at our bus stop. I used everything, including chocolate bars, fortune cookies, gummy bears, bags of peanuts, and twizzlers. I was thinking of making rice krispy treats and popcorn balls, but got lazy ran out of time. You seriously can use anything you want; it doesn’t even have to be edible- toys, erasers, dollar bills :)