The hardest thing about decorating for Christmas is pulling the decorations out of the attic. Oh, and lights. I hate dealing with lights…but that’s another story.

Here are 5 easy ways you can decorate your home for practically nothing but still have a merry, joyful holiday home:


1. Create a Christmas Art Gallery

christmas wall

Hang up all of the art projects your kids (or you) have done over the years. This wall is my favorite part in my entire home because it reminds me of when my “big”kids were “little”; I smile every time I look at it.

Don’t have any kids? Well, what about old greeting cards? or photos taken with holiday themes? or even a collection of quotes or short stories with a Christmas theme?

2. Add (fake) Poinsettias or Holly Berries  to Everything

Nothing says Christmas like the greens of the fir tree and the reds of a poinsettia or holly berry…and yes, even if its all fake. Normally, I would say “never, never” use any fake flowers in your home design; but, I think Christmas is the one time of year where you can get away with it because it can look “real”. At least, real enough. Plus, you can use the same stuff every single year!  Is use it on everything-

atop my pendant lights in the kitchen

christmas pendants

tucked around my DIY-Coffee Filter Chandelier in the dining room

christmas chandelier


and of course, in my garlands on top of my DIY No-Sew Holiday Valance

no sew holiday valance

3. Go au-Naturel

Of course, bringing in the REAL aspects of nature into your home preferred. It just takes time to gather (and kill any bugs). Be it clippings from bushes, or branches and pinecones from the trees- using natural elements is a simple way to merry-your home.

a simple wreath using clippings and floral wire (to hang above our fireplace)

christmas wreath up

a tomato cage wired with more bush clippings then strung with lights for our deck outside

christmas tomato cage

a hurricane glass filled with pine-cones from our neighbor’s yard (and fake berries and greens). remember if you bring cones inside, bake them in the oven at 250 for about 30 minutes to help kill any critters.

christmas cones

4. Bring some J-O-Y inside

christmas joy

Remember my DIY Modern Art Project? and how to use  coffee-filters from my Brass to Bad-A$$ chandelier makeover?

Well, combine the two together and you’ve got JOY!

(I cut out my letters from a piece of card-board and simply hot-glued the filters on. Time consuming, but I love it! You can attach directly to the wall using some command strips, but since I had these 3 art panels hanging, I thought- serendipity!)

5. Do What You Want- Not What You “Should”

Basically, do only what you have time for and what makes sense for you.

It’s easy to get caught up in creating a “perfect” Christmas home for your family…and maybe to keep-up the neighbors. But don’t. Remember what makes memories are the things you do together- going for walks to look at lights; decorating sugar cookies; or singing Christmas carols at night. All of this decor stuff is just that…stuff.

If you haven’t read  through my post 24 Days of Christmas Spirit for Your Home yet, there is still plenty of time. This is what Christmas is really about.