Step 1

Shop at the Dollar Store for Ingredients. You can find pretty much anything there, and its cheap! Think to self, $5 should cover everything I need & want. Walk out with:

  • Bag of Vanilla Cream Cookie, $1
  • Colored Craft sticks to use as sticks, $1
  • 1 glow-in-the dark sword to keep the kid from crying, $1
  • 2 more glow-in-the-dark swords for later, $2
  • 2 shower-puffs, just in case, $2
  • 2 sink scrubbers, $2
  • set of 2 aluminum pans to use as cookie-pop holder, $1
  • 2 fire ignition thingies found at check-out, $2


Step 2

Realize when you get home that colored craft sticks are probably not a good idea for food items once kid licks one and tongue turns purple.

Head to Wal-Mart and buy lollipop sticks. Also decide to purchase frosting, instead of making it. Feel good about bake sale

how not to make a cookie pop

Step 3

Wait til morning of Carnival Bake Sale to assemble. 3 hours should be plenty of time!


Step 4

Insert stick into cream of cookie…hhmmm. Try 5 more times.



Step 5

Insert stick into middle of cookie. Call it Cookie Umbrellas or something…hhmmm. Try 3 more times.

how not to make a cookie pop 2



Step 6

Decide to toss the lollipop sticks. Maybe just frost the cookies and put them in a baggie.

Store bought frosting kind of hard. Decide to microwave it.

Dip cookies into liquid frosting. Sprinkle.




Not bad, but worried that frosting is to thin and runny. Fearful that if put into plastic baggies will end up with same results as last year.

Step 7

Panic. 2.5 hours to have something made. Screw the cookie pops.

Run to store and purchase

  • Cake mix
  • Marshmallow fluff (because you’ve heard it makes awesome, fluffy frosting)
  • Bag of cotton candy (for flair)


Step 8

Decide to make giant “cupcake” cake for Carnival Cake Walk after all. There will be plenty of batter left for a dozen cupcakes for the bake sale.

Giant cupcake bakes beautifully!

Burn cupcakes.

Step 9

Panic. Run back to store and buy another cake mix (or two) plus another carton of frosting (just in case).

Step 10

Decorate. Use left-over liquid frosting from Step 6. Add marshmallow fluff and 1/2 stick butter. Mix.

This stuff is not fluffy.

Add powdered sugar.

Add more powdered sugar.

Give up and just frost everything…


Add sprinkles and a pinch of cotton candy on top for flair!

Step 11

Realize that during Steps 7-10 the frosting kinds of hardened up. Maybe if I join 1 whole cookie w/ 1 half cookie w/ lots of frosting and the stick, the frosting will harden around the stick! Cookie Pops back on!

cookie pops


Step 12

Divide store-bought frosting (Step 9) into 4 small bowls: add pink, purple, blue, and lime food coloring. Looking kind of runny. Decide this can work- Just dip the cookies into frosting then it can drip onto foil pans (purchased Step 1)

Step 13

Realize foil pan is hard to cut holes into. Plus, the stick just falls straight through.

Find old box and wrap it. Punch holes through the top w/ kebob skewer.

Step 14

Oh sh&t! It’s 12:30pm!

Drive to school and deliver the cupcakes and giant-cakes.

On way home, realize that I didn’t take a pick of the giant cupcake again for blog. Drive back. Take this pic…

giant cupcake

Realize that it’s not as cool as I first thought when upload photo. Oh well…

Step 15

Try to dip cookie-pops into prepared frosting cups. (Step 12). Cookies fall off of stick.

Wait for frosting to harden around sticks.

Step 16

Success! Frosting hardened. Dip cookies. Frosting still runny, but who cares at this point. It’s sugar, right?

Step 17

Insert cookies into stand. Watch as the glop all over the place.

Finished cookie pops

Step 18

Decide Not to take them in. Cookie Pops are stupid.

dripping cookies1


Step 19

Decide having 25 cookie pops in the house not a good idea, but can’t get self to throw them away….hhmmm.

Step 20

Take out cookie pops. They are pretty much dripped out away. Rewrap the box. Make new sign. Insert with “nicer” cookie pops up front.

Finished cookie pops2

Step 21

Finished! Deliver to school at 3:00pm. Decide to never, never volunteer to make something for bake sales again.