Yesterday I died and went to DIY heaven. An Artists Afterworld. Pinners Promiseland. A creative Mama’s Mecca. Otherwise known as




The Cary Creative (Reuse) Center may be located at the unassuming corner of Wilkinson Ave.and E. Durham, Downtown Cary, but don’t let the brick fool you- inside is a treasure trove.

155 Wilkinson Ave, Cary 27513


Just check out some of the goodies:

Shells, shells, and more shells!


Baskets & boxes of ribbon, twine, wraphia-

Bolts, yards, & scraps of fabric- including this vintage NC State print!

Everything you could need for an art project is here…everything. Plus, you don’t need to buy an entire package of something when you know you need just 1 of something. And the great thing about the store is its CHEAP! Everything is priced to sell so if you want to try something new and creative the cost won’t interfere with the process.

Some of you may be thinking…wtf? But get your creative juices flowing. When I see this (boxes of wine corks price at 5cents each):

I think of this (as seen on

And it can be accomplished without a hangover! (Yes, that is more than a weekend of wine to get that many corks:) )

If you are thinking that the Cary Creative Center is just for hot-glue gun holstered DIY mavens, think again. Their mission is to make art, not waste and they want to inspire everyone to get creative.

If you would like to enjoy one of their Kids Make-and-Take Art projects, check them out TOMORROW at the Ritmo Latin Music, Arts, and Dance Festival. They will be Downtown Cary from 2-4pm. (FREE!)

Their next class is May 23 from 4:30-6pm at their location on Wilkinson Ave. Artists 7years+ can come in and make puppets and marionettes. (Class is $15, including supplies. Registration required.)

If you live in Cary, or the Triangle, then the Cary Creative Reuse Center is a must see. If you don’t, then check to see if there is a similar Reuse/Up-cycling store in your area. You never know- you could die and go to DIY heaven too :)


ps. Check out these note cards I bought yesterday at the Center. They were only $1/pack! A whale of thanks, Lani