Putting pictures in frames has never been my thing. I always feel I’m going to leave someone out- they’ll come to my house and think I don’t love them or something. Sure, I could hang those digital frames all over the place, but that’s not really fun.

So, after seeing this on pinterest.com (from sarahyewman.blogspot.co.uk) I had my “pin”spiration-

I went to Jo-Ann’s and picked up 5 of their paper-block letters (used a lot of coupons in multiple). They come in a paper-bag brown, so I took them out and spray-painted them white.

Than I printed out a TON of pictures using a “collage” format via picasa (a free Google product). If you don’t have an online photo storage program, then you could print out your photos by uploading them to another free program, like picmonkey.com. (Or, go the really old-fashioned route and arrange a bunch on a copier and print them out!)


I originally was going to keep the papers intact, and just wrap the letters in my printed papers, but I decided to cut them all out. Time-consuming, but I was able to use a lot more photos (which was my raison d’etra to begin with).

After mod-podging it all down, I was left with these fantastic collage block letters:

I hung them up right outside my kid’s room. You could use command strips, velcro, even duct-tape because the letters are so light. I used thumbtacks- stuck them in the wall and just made a small slit in the back of each letter to “hang” it up on.   And of course, the letters spell-

OHANA- which means, Family.

I’m in love with it, I have to admit. My Ohana is up for my kids to see- and everytime you pass by, you see different pictures of different family members from different periods of time.  So easy, cheap, and definitely a statement.

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