So it’s been kinda quiet at our house lately….because the doorbell has been broken!

Whoops. Sorry.

So I googled online on “how to fix a broken doorbell” and got these tips from The Family Handyman (or what I understood enough to do):

Tip #1:

Check to see if it’s just a busted doorbell button.  Unscrew the ringer outside exposing the two wires. Touch them together. If the doorbell rings, it’s the button. If the doorbell doesn’t ring- it’s the wiring….unless

Tip #2:

Unscrew (or lift up) the interior cover to your chime. Taking a low-voltage tester, touch the common terminal (labeled “com” or “trans”) with one of the probes while you get your kid to ring the doorbell. It there is power, then it’s the chime. Replace the chime. If your tester does not light up, then its something else.


Tip #3:

A lot of electrical jargon that I didn’t understand. Actually , tip #2 was above my comfort level. So I just went straight to the best idea of all…


How to Fix a Broken Doorbell:

doorbell fixed

Buy a Wireless Doorbell for $25

I know this is kind of cheating in the DIY-world, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around “chimes” and “transformers” and “wiring”. I simply shoved the bad wires (from outside) into the wall (I figure they had no charge anyway so what harm could it do?) and popped the new doorbell on. Then I put in the necessary batteries (an additional $6) and mounted the chime onto the wall.


Now we have a doorbell that works.If anyone actually understands “chimes” and “transformers” and “wiring” then feel free to come on over and fix our busted one. Just ring the bell!

doorbell fixed wireless

Seriously, if anyone has any advice on what to do with the wires from the old doorbell, please let me know! I don’t think anything will happen, but…mmmm, ya’ never know. Thanks!


Yes, so yesterday afternoon my husband decided to flip the GFI switch in the garage for fun…..resulting in a loud blaring of our freaking doorbell! Woops.

So, here’s another tip:

If there is no power in your doorbell wires, check to see if there is any GFI switches that haven’t been tripped!

So now, we have a wireless doorbell on our backdoor. My kids think this is hilarious.