This week at my youngest’s school is “State Fair” week. Families were invited to bring in a fall craft they made using items found outdoors, or “natural” items that  if we were we really good gardeners, we might have found outside. (Yes,  we know that I do not qualify.)

As this is my first “State Fair” at the school, our teacher warned me that these family projects get very creative. In other words, no gluing leaves on a trace of my kids’ hand and calling it a turkey. I was warned.

Of course, over the weekend was the Southern Bloggers Conference…and I totally spaced this family activity.  Sigh. I hate being that mom.

So, this is what we saw on Monday-

Dragon made of squash and raisins

Nemo Pumkin


Thanksgiving Turkey from Squash

Mr Penguin from pumpkins and squash


Painted Dragon from Squash


Sparkles the Vampire Pumpkin


Supergirl Squash


Mickey Mouse Pumpkin (with Spider Pumpkins in back)


Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece


So, that night, that dark and stormy night, my kid and I went out back and picked up cool, natural products from under the trees. Of course, everything was soaking wet so I stuck it all in the oven and baked it on low..

I pulled out my trusty hot-glue gun (…thinking I should give it a name, like Betty or Doug)..and created

Pine Cone Monsters

Pine Cone Monsters


Guess what? The kid was super happy. He loved it so much we made more-

I think we rocked this family project.