If you haven’t gotten the Dad in your life that perfect gift, don’t worry. Here are a few of my favorite picks from around the net that only require a printer and a trip to the corner market.


From FamilyEverAfterBlog.com, create a “Stache” for Dad. Could be root-beer, could be beer, could be anything! Just buy Dad’s favorite goodies and attach the cute sign! Fan-tache-tic!  (printables found on the website)


From Tiff Keetch, check out this adorable card that would melt any Daddy’s heart:


For the golfing enthusiast Dad, check out this cute gift. Yes, it does require that extra trip to the golf store…or does Walmart work? Other cute ideas and printables included from Kristine McKay Designs.


A great (free) keep-sake questionnaire from Free Pretty Things for You, All About Dad.


Check out this cute card (found on pinterest from an etsy store). Have your kids, or you,  think up different/more appropriate adjectives for Dad (fastidious, ambidextrous, tantalizing…)

Of course, who knows what Dad’s really want for Father’s Day. I keep asking my hubbs, but so far I’m just getting the usual non-committal grunt (which I’m interpreting to mean:the remote control, baked lays, and some meat).

Happy Father’s Day!