My youngest can play Angry Birds on my phone, operate the Wii system, and use the remote control for the TV. Holding a pencil and writing his name however…yeah, we’re not there yet.

I have handwriting books from stores where the child traces the letters…but he needs lots of practice. I needed a way to stop wasting paper (and dollar bills, yo). Then I had my “a-ha” moment.

Easy DIY Handwriting “Tablet”

1. Get an old picture frame. We had one of those $1-store diploma frames.

2. Download/Copy a Handwriting Worksheet. We used one from a great blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler.

3. Insert sheet and give your kid a dry erase marker. TA-DA!!!!


Now my kid can practice his letters to his heart’s content (i.e. rarely) without a wasting a ton of paper or money. It’s also so easy to just use a blank paper inside with my kid’s name written on it, or even cursive letters for my older kid. (Do they even teach cursive in schools anymore?).

Of course, I prefer having him practice the fundamental truths, likeĀ  “My mom is awesome.”