I’ve been doing it wrong for years. Nailing, screwing, making holes everywhere- hanging shelves and picture frames drove me crazy.

Until now. Check out this pin:

Aimee Lane (from itsoverflowing.com) is genius- and now we are too! (This is my first post in my new “Pinspiration” category.)


How to Hang a Level Shelf

1. Use painter’s tape and span the distance from the brackets on the back of your shelf or picture frame. Mark on your tape where you would want the nail to be placed.


2. Remove the tape and then put it on wall, eye-balling it where your shelf or picture should hang. Then grab your level and re-mark on the tape where the real “level” marks should go. (I was about 2 inches off when I “eye-balled” it.)


3. Hammer your nails or screw your screws into the leveled  marks. Remove the tape. Your nails will now be perfectly spaced and level. Hang your shelf (or picture frame)!

Using this method I’ll never to it wrong again- I will nail and screw with confidence! (hehehe) Thank you Aimee and thank you pinterest! #pinspiration

ps. I’m currently updating kid #1′s room. He is getting a big-boy room. Scratch that- not even big boy, that sounds too juvenile. He wants a more “teen” space (technically, he’s not even a “tween” yet). No toys. No Ben-10 stickers. No stuffed animals. I’m soooo sad about it.

Anyway, so this is just part of the updates in his room-¬† hanging up his martial arts belts. He’s been doing taekwondo for years and is getting read to test for his black belt in a few months. I’m finally getting around to actually hanging his belts up.(No more tangled mess on the closet floor and no more impromptu lasso session- #bittersweet.)

I looked at purchasing actual “martial arts display racks” but they are expensive and a little cheesy. I found this cheap shelf at the thrift store for $4 and just slapped some white paint on it. It had a bar running under it, so I simply folded the belts on the bar and used some duck tape to wrap around the belts to keep them from slipping off. (Obviously I didn’t wrap the duck tape around the top layer.)

I love updates like this- simple, cheap, and useful…and of course, it’s level!

What do you think?