We’re celebrating the Hubbs today- because he is a great husband and a Fan-Tache-Tic Dad. There is something to the evolutionary theory that females  choose husbands based on their ability to care for the young. My Hubbs is a great father. Even when I’m annoyed by his idiosyncrasies, what pulls me out of bottomless pit of anger is remembering what a great dad he is. Being a great father is way more important than the pile of shoes he leaves in the kitchen every day.

I’m so grateful my two boys have him in their lives. I’m so grateful he is here to guide them through their boyhoods, their teen years, their journey into manhood. I’m grateful that he is their parent first, their fun dad second. I’m grateful he works so hard for us so I can stay home and be a good mama to them. Happy Father’s Day Love!!


Here’s a quick peak at some of his goodies today-

Dads Stache


I got the “Stache” idea from Family Ever After Blog (as seen in my post yesterday). I changed things up using picmonkey for my Hubb’s favorite goodies, including almonds,

dad stache1


protein bars,

dad stache2


and Baked Lays.

dad stache3



I also tweaked the All About Dad questionnaire from Free Pretty Things for You. I didn’t print them out- just posted them to my Hubb’s facebook page. (this way all of our family can enjoy how cute our kids are PLUS they won’t end up in some drawer)

 About Dad


Of course, we’re trying to let the Hubbs have an easy, relaxing day today…so here’s another part of his gift:

mesocary mowing

Yup, that’s me mowing our impossible front lawn. The Hubbs had to take a pic…

To all the Fathers out there, to all the men who care for, teach, guide, and love the children in their lives- Thank You! You are so important to us! We appreciate you!