My most popular posts of all-time have to do with curtains. Actually, its making curtains with little-to-no skill, shower curtains, and a hot-glue gun. They are fabulous, easy to make, and of course, affordable.

(Check them out here: No Skill/No Sew Curtains, 5 Minute Window Valance, and No Sew Roman Shades.)

I’m adding to the collection today by showing you how to update those afore-mentioned curtains with duct tape, a hot-glue gun, scrap fabric, and a pretty ruffled shower curtain. EASY!

Here’s what’s going to happen:

holiday curtains before after

It’s sooo easy and perfect for quickly changing out color schemes. For example, I love lime/mint green…but for Christmas, I’m a traditional red and green gal.

Supplies needed:

1. Fabric or Shower curtain

2. Duct tape- any color can be used if you are going to cover with ribbon

3. Ribbon to hot glue onto duct tape

4. Hot glue

Step 1

no sew holiday step 1

Because the fabric on my original curtain was so…bright, I needed to use a scrap piece of fabric as another layer. I used an old white sheet. Just cut it to size- no need to hem any sides. Then just tape it onto your original curtain. As you can see, I only had actual duct-tape for this :)


Step 2

no sew holiday step 2

I found this pretty ruffled shower curtain at Burlington Coat Factor for $20.  I simply cut off the bottom 3 ruffled rows and taped it directly on-top of the white-sheet/silver duct-tape. This time, I used red colored tape ($4). My original plan was to just use the red tape, but after seeing it on, it looked too “plasticy”. So…

Step 3

I pulled out some holiday ribbon (Yes, I’m a ribbon hoarder- but note, I only buy ribbon with coupons)..and my hot glue gun. Ta-da!

no sew holiday open

I hot-glued the ribbon directly on-top of my red tape.  I love how it looks! Here’s a close-up:

no sew holiday curtains bottom

no sew holiday curtains right

I adopted this same technique (can you call it a technique when it’s just tape and hot-glue?) to my 5-minute Valance and my No-Sew Roman Shades.

no sew holiday valance

Because I knew I would be draping a garland on-top of the valance, I didn’t bother covering my red tape with holiday ribbon. The red tape peeks through, but not enough for people to think “plastic tape”.

For the roman shade, I covered the entire shade. It won’t roll-up like the original…though I guess it could if I attached it properly, but as I never roll-it up anyway…yup, I left it.

no sew roman shade holiday

Pretty cool, right?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in my house)!