Moving from our CA less than 700 sft home to our Cary more than 2400 sft home is wonderful except for one thing: decorating. Back in CA, decorating was easy, after all, it was less than 700 sft! There was hardly any room for ourselves, without adding in our furniture, stuff, and actual “decor” items.

So being faced with a much bigger home is fun, but daunting. It’s been two years and I have yet to furnish our home, hang family pictures, or add decor.

For example, this is our fireplace mantle:


The wooden tree sculpture and white buddha head I picked up at different times from HomeGoods. I love them. Of course, I’m cheap enough that I waited until they both went into the clearance aisle. When I purchase items for more than $30, I make myself wait. If they make it clearance, then it was meant to be. It’s almost impossible for me to buy things full price. I’m cheap like that.

Anyway, my mantle has been bare forever. A big blank space. My “design dilemma” was this:

  1. I didn’t want a mirror to hand over it, because I already have 5 large mirrors on the other wall. (I’ll show you in a later post.) I could just imagine guests being like, narcissist much?
  2. I didn’t want to hang our TV over the mantle either. The mantle is actually quite high- about 5 feet- and the hubbs and I  watch a lot of TV; we didn’t want to get a crick in our necks.
  3. Wanted something with impact, without paying for impact.


It took me awhile (yes, almost 2 years), but I figured it out.

instant art

This is how I did it: a big ass foam board (32in X 40in), an old tablecloth, and duck tape. If your tablecloth is wrinkled, you will also need an iron.


The foam board I had purchased at Michael’s for about $4 (using their coupon) back in December for a DIY project involving a rhinoceros (another project). The tablecloth is about 4 years old from Target. It’s about 6 feet long and I love the enormous orange flowers on it. Unfortunately, the white portion shows many stains so I never used it. I couldn’t ever part with it though..yes, #hoarding!

You could use any fabric you love- actual fabric, shower curtain, tablecloth, dress; as long as it can cover the size of your foam board. Iron it to be wrinkle free, then simply tape it:

instant art tape

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just lay your board down on your fabric, wrap it, and tape it. The only hard part I had was configuring my giant orange flower in just the right spot, while also avoiding any stains. I also didn’t want to cut my tablecloth. It would have been easier to wrap, but I didn’t want to “ruin” my (already stained) tablecloth.

If you wanted to get even fancier, you could also get some of those command strips to actually “hang” it to the wall. I haven’t done that yet. My just sits on top of the mantle, but I love it! ***see update below***

Here it is again-

instant art

Cheap, easy, impactful… what do you think?


***UPDATE: Check out how I hung this up using a string, staples, and some…duck tape. Click Here