It’s done! My laundry room makeover is complete and I’m so happy- like, my spirit is lifted, everything is in its place, and my ocd is satiated. Mmm, are you thinking the photo to the left is my laundry room? Sorry, nope. That picture is not my laundry room…it’s from pinterest. But, at least my laundry room doesn’t look like this anymore:

You remember this, right? Chain saw in with the dirty clothes? Shelves so stuffed that everything is falling over? Did you even notice the border? Let’s zoom into that sweet goodness-

laundry room border


Darling, right? (is there a sarcasm font?)

Here’s a peek at the laundry room from the other side-

laundry room before a

Yes, my laundry room was a hot mess. So, the work began.

First, I cleaned it out.     Every single thing.    Until it looked like this-

laundry room cleared out

Then I tackled the border. Which totally sucked. Yes, I actually do own real wallpaper removal spray and tools- but guess what: a spray bottle filled with water and a drop of tide and an old hotel key work just as good, if not better.

laundry room border removal


After stripping the border, removing any hooks, shelves, or random objects from the walls, applying putty, sanding…I was finally ready to paint. The color I chose was “Winter in Paris”, from Lowe’s.

I really should say, the color that chose me. See, I picked it from the assortment of paints and stains available at Lowe’s (and Home Depot) that are on clearance because the color was wrong, or the type of paint used was wrong…basically, you get it super cheap. Like this-

laundry room painta


Yup, this paint was a paint plus primer combo AND low odor with zero VOCs. For just $5.01! (yes, 5 dollars and 1 cent.) This paint normally runs around $30+ per gallon, so I really scored!! Checking out the clearance aisle paints is a gamble- however, I’m kind of addicted. I actually picked up this paint about 2 months ago. I couldn’t pass this deal up and I knew I would eventually use it somewhere in my house– or with some craft project. I thought it had great “paint-ential” :)

The color was actually kind of scary at first- sort of a concrete grey color. But as soon as I started adding things to the room, (like my most amazing buy ever), then it took on a sea-glass green color. Very light & understated. I love it!

Next up, installing shelves. I really, really wished I could have wooden shelves like this one-

laundry room dream shelf


but it just wasn’t in my budget. So instead, I installed wire shelving like these:


laundry room shelves alaundry room shelves












Now it’s time to put everything back!!! Check out the reveal in Part II! (coming right up)