Faced with a blank wall, and tight budget, and eclectic taste, I’m unveiling my latest DIY project: Modern Wall Art! It’s so easy, cheap, and fast…and in my own humble opinion, it’s pretty dang fabulous. (I’m sure the hubbs has some exes that could be described the same way-minus the fabulous, of course. hehehe)

DIY  Modern Wall Art

1. Get Some Foam Board-

I used 3 large pieces of foam board that I purchased from the NC State Surplus store. There were 4 pieces for $1.00! Of course, the front did have a list of the 1999 Distinguished Women for the State of NC, but I just flipped it over. :)

Canvas would also work really well for this project- it just raises the cost.


2. Get some joint compound & plastic putty-spatula thingies (yes, that’s the official name)- I had this on hand as well. It probably came from Lowe’s or something, and I’m thinking it ranges in price according to size…maybe it cost me around $10 (I didn’t use very much for this project at all.)

Simply lay it on with the spatulas and smear it around. I did kind of a wavy pattern. Do not lay it on thick. Do not make it entirely smooth either. You want the texture and pattern to show up…but remember, NOT thick!

Let it dry.

3. Silver Spray Paint -I had this on hand. I know that I bought it over Christmas from Michael’s using one of their coupons..so I’m thinking it was around $3?

I think you could use any spray paint, however I really like the reflective quality of the silver. I think gold would also look really cool.Make sure you do this outside. Spray until you are satisfied. The color of the joint compound is actually kind of cool on its own so it doesn’t need much.

I was also thinking this might be cool with some craft paint or something, to swirl it around as well…maybe I’ll try that next time:)

Let it dry.

4. Now its time to bring it inside and hang it up. Because it is foam board, it’s actually really light. Here’s how I hung up my first piece of Instant Art using string and ducktape, (from the post of DIY: Hanging Instant Art):

instant art hanging3


For this, I’m doing a variation of the theme- using my hot-glue gun and a scrap of fabric!

hang foam board art

I used a tape-measure to mark the center of the foam board and then marked 2 inches to the right & left of the center. I hot-glued the scrap fabric to the board, leaving the center unglued. I then stapled the fabric (for more support) at the 2′inch marks we made from above.

Now, it’s ready to hang from my Command Hook strip-hooks. Because these hooks hang off the wall far, I hammered the hooks tighter to the wall.

The foam-board will curl up away from the wall–but I kind of like it this way. It feels more modern.

Hang! (To get a level line, use the tips that “pin”spired me: Hang a Level Shelf or Picture Frame on the 1st Try)

Before: The Blank Wall

After: DIY Modern Wall Art

I really like how the light catches the ridges and “movement” of the joint compound. The light also changes the color…here’s another shot with our Bad-A$$ Chandelier on–takes on a copper color:

Because I used items on hand, this DIY project was free…however, the cost for the items I used easily comes out below $20.00 for all 3 pieces (and not including any coupons). Total work time is less than an hour, however that does not include drying time (for both joint compound and for the paint). I just did other stuff while I waited.

I think it’s fabulous!        What do you think?

**Update- I decided to hang the three boards together last night. I think I like it this way better…for now. :)