I hate malls. If I have to go to one, I need a purpose: a list of items that can’t be purchased anywhere but there and I like to be in-and-out. No variation, no straying, no window shopping.

But if I was one to stroll leisurely through aisles, dreaming, looking, measuring- just for fun- I would do it at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Cary, NC.

Located at 181 High House Road, in Cary, 27511 the ReStore re-sells donated building materials and home items from individuals and businesses. This Cary ReStore is the second in Wake County, smaller but just as amazing as its counterpart located in Raleigh. (Tip: it is set off of the road, near the Buffalo Lanes Family Bowling and next to the Dorcas Ministries Christian Thrift Shop.)

I’m not sure why, but stacks of cabinets, windows, shelves, light fixtures just make me drool. I’m not looking to buy anything {yet},  but it’s like DIYer’s wet dream. All the cool projects I could do (if I had the time), so many ideas just start flowing through my head. Just check out some of their current inventory:

Furniture looking for a new home!

Used cabinets- so many possibilities with a coat of paint!

Now selling NEW cabinets as well- they just delivered a shipment today!

Bathtubs, sinks, desks…

Lights, lights, and more lights…

Doors, french doors, screens, windows…

Seriously, I love this place. If you have any household projects, I would check out the ReStore before going to Home Depot. They have ALL types of building material that is in great condition and cheap. Plus, you are helping out the environment by keeping this stuff out of landfills AND your money goes to building homes for people in need.

So, as you can see, this ReStore has everything…including our kitchen sink. Yup, finally dropped this sucker off (a year after our kitchen update). It’s a white, Kohler, cast iron sink. Check it out at the ReStore in Cary!

What our sink, counters, and back-splash used to look like.

Have you ever been to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore? Do you love them like I do? (Yes, I am shamelessly looking for affirmation that I’m not crazy for loving to browse the ReStore :))