I have a rhinoceros head on my wall. Covered in a silver-filigree wall paper. I put him up last December. Yes, him. I don’t know why he’s male. I don’t know why I love him, but I do. Here he is:

rhino head


Even better, he’s not real. No safari hunting for me. He’s made out of foam board. My hubbs asked if this was a Christmas decor thing or an all the time thing. All the time, baby.

I know that many of you may not understand this quirk, but I know I’m not alone. See, I got the inspiration from one of my favorite diy-couples, (and probably most popular blog in the world), the Petersiks from younghouselove.com. A few years ago they featured a project from cardboardsafari.com. A little rhino they¬† pieced together and then set in their bookcase. Well, I fell in love. With that rhino. But I didn’t have the money. So I just thought about him, like a weird crush..(anyone else watch My Strange Addiction on TLC? the guy and the car? well, my crush is definitely NOT LIKE THAT. ha!)

cardboardsafari.com buck jr. trophy heads

Then Christmas rolled around and I remembered cardboardsafari.com had these amazing deer heads. I could just see this giant deer head trophy above our mantle. I could hang ornaments from its antlers, or string popcorn….but then I thought, deer are so “1 month a year” but a rhino is FOREVER.


But I still didn’t have the money. (I need to add a budget line item for giant cardboard animal heads.) So I decided to make one.

I googled designs and knock-off patterns, but there was nothing for rhinos. So then I studied other projects online and figured out that I could do it. I purchased my foam board for about $4 each, using coupons from Michael’s and AC Moore. (Yes, I bought 2 big boards. Yes, because I thought I would mess up.) Then I free-handed the varying shapes of the rhino face and horns cut them out with those razor blade pens. (This part totally sucks. But don’t worry if its not perfect. Or symmetrical….at least, mine wasn’t.)

My white rhino looked kind of crappy. Not at all like the laser-precision cuts and curves of the cardboardsafari.com trophy head. But then I dressed him up using adhesive spray and left-over wrapping paper from a wedding. The wall paper really covered many of my less-then-laser cutting mistakes.

rhino head 2


My now white & silver rhino is beautiful (to me); but also a lot smaller than I expected. Too small for over my mantle, but perfect for the dining room. He is definitely not as nice as the ones you can purchase online. Maybe one day…But through his creation, I bonded with him. I made that rhino head. Pretty cool.