I love the look of roman shades, but “store bought” shades are out of my price range. I also don’t sew. I can google like a rock star and follow directions though. I also love any diy-project that utilizes stitch-witch or hot-glue. I am a little addicted to my hot-glue gun. I also love projects that take something blah and make it BAM!




Here’s where I found my inspiration:

365 Days to Simplicity: Easy No Sew Roman Shades

It’s a really great tutorial, and there is no need to re-invent the wheel. It also is a wonderful blog with loads of tips, recipes, and ways to just simplify one’s life. I’m a fan!


Here’s how I used this tutorial for yet another of my no-sew curtain projects.

roman shade

This roman shade covers my door from my kitchen to the deck. It’s a screened door, and I hate looking at the screen from our kitchen table. I also love privacy (who says one has to be dressed to eat breakfast?). So, following some excellent directions, I made this roman shade from a shower-curtain. I used stitch-witch to attach the shower curtain fabric to the mini-blinds. The left-over scraps were then made into these no-sew valances, remember?


Anyway, here is my roman shade rolled up:

roman shade1

Here it is from the deck looking in- you can see the back of the fabric and the mini-blinds:

roman shade back

It doesn’t bother me at all, but for some, it might. I’ve wondered if after attaching the fabric to the mini-blinds, I attach another length of fabric “sandwiching” the blinds in the middle so you wouldn’t see them??? Something to investigate…but later, much later.

Here’s a pair of roman shades I made for my kid’s room. His room gets the full sun in the morning, and the mini-blinds alone were not blocking any of the glare. The new roman shades have worked wonders, keeping his room darker in the morning (letting him sleep longer) and cooler throughout the day. I am thinking of adding another layer behind these shades to get the room even darker…but later, much later.

roman shadex1

I actually used old curtains for the fabric. I didn’t want hanging curtains in this room; I don’t like long curtains in kids’ rooms. Just a weird quirk of mine. The fabric is actually a lot thicker and using just stitch-witch to hem and attach it to the mini-blinds didn’t work. Hot glue did though!!

Downside- when I raise the shades they look like this:

roman shadex3

BUT, with some zhushing, they look like this:

roman shadex4

You may have also noticed I added a valance to these roman shades. I didn’t actually want to do this, however, this room already had the valance rods attached to the windows. It’s easy to take off, but it would require repainting the areas where it was screwed into wall…and I don’t have any more of that blue paint left. One of these days I’ll go and get a sample can mixed so I can removed the valance. I think it will look much cleaner. But later…much later.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you yet another way to make curtains for your house using nothing but some hot-glue, stitch witch, and fabric (i.e. shower curtains.). If you’ve missed any of my other posts, check them out:

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no sew curtains1

What do you think??