As I’ve been updating kid #1′s room from “action figures, cars, & cuddles” to “pre-teen cool” we reached a dilemma. Rather, I reached a dilemma. Kid #1 no longer wants any of his stuffed animals: not Lolly (his purple hippo), not Soosie (his build-a-bull dog), or even Fluffy-Mango-Bolt (his so soft kitty). He wanted to banish his stuffed animals.

The dilemma- I didn’t want to. I would gladly put them in Kid #2′s room, but there is, well, no room. Kid #1 had already banished all of his toys- and they ended up in the little one’s room. Kid #2 is is heaven. Christmas in August.But to add dozens of stuffed animals to the mix? Kid #2′s room would end up on an episode of Hoarders.

This is where Pinterest saves the day-


I pinned this fantastic idea from A Little Learning for Two:

Genius! Shove all of those stuffed animals into a bean-bag cover and sit on ‘em!

toys before

I got this giant soccer ball bean bag cover at Bed Bath and Beyond for $12 (after using my $5 off coupon from the mail). Now my kid has a giant cushy bag to lounge on and act all “cool” and I get to save tangible moments from his childhood.

toys hiding

I love Pinterest!

(notice Soosie, Lolly, & Fluffy-Mang0-Bolt above?)

toys after