What to do with a wall of windows, and only cheap-vinyl blinds for privacy? Especially when you don’t want to block the view or the light in any way?

vinyl blinds



I could do the Part I of No Skill/ No Sew Curtains, (from this post). But that would just be way to much fabric for me to deal with. A touch too much. I like the idea of fabric cornices, especially as these windows are in my kitchen/kitchen nook…but again, that’s just too much work. So, I did the absolutely easiest thing I could do. Even easier that stapling sheets to my wall…(though that does give me an idea…)

All you need is a glue-gun and some scrap fabric. Leave out the scissors- just use your teeth. That’s bad-a$$. (Ok, I used scissors but you don’t have to.)


So, here’s my super simple, sleek look for the wall of windows


5 Minute Window Valance

1. Using Scraps of Fabric, cut out large rectangles that are wide enough to wrap edge-to-edge on the top of vinyl blinds, and tall enough to cover the (closed) blinds.

2. Hem the sides by sewing (not), stitch witch (not this time), or hot glue (winner!). My finished & hemmed rectangles measured 32″x5″


My fabric already had  sewed hem on one side as it is a scrap from a left over shower curtain. Yes, I used another shower curtain from yet another curtain project. Me love me some shower curtain fabric. :) 

3. Run a line of hot-glue on the blinds-cover. Press your fabric rectangles onto it. Voila! Done. Each one takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. (10 if you used your teeth).

Here’s the valance I made for above my kitchen sink:


and again, the kitchen nook:


What do you think? Easy. Sleek. Simple. They let the light in. They cover the ugly vinyl blinds. Cheap. Life is good.