Ok. Not in Cary- but it’s close. Plus, it’s a celebrity home for sale. **oooh, aaaahhhh**

Yup, North Carolina native and American Idol runner up-(this is actually the only season of Idol that I ever watched. I love me some Ruben Studdard.)- Clay Aiken has put his home up for sale. Actually, it’s been for sale for quite awhile, but I never noticed until now.


clay and ruben



It’s a 6 bedroom, 6 full bathrooms and 3 half-bathrooms, 9,300 sft+ abode for sale in Durham, NC for $2.55 million dollars. Just a tad out of budget…and actually, the thought of cleaning 9 bathrooms…no way. (Yes, I know that people who buy these homes actually hire people to clean these homes….but heck, even if they hired me…9 bathrooms!)

Here’s just one of those suckers…yeah, I think this is larger than our upstairs:

clay bath

Of course, what I would love is that it sits on over six acres. Sweet, sweet privacy. Celebrities and normal folk alike love privacy. Here’s a view form the back-

clay back

If any of you are interested in Clay Aiken’s home, check out the listing here: Clay Aiken House

If any of you are interested in why I love me some Ruben Studdard so much, check him out below: