I missed my normal Grateful Sunday post- again. It’s not cuz I’m not grateful- I am. I’ve just been busy. Luckily, busy weekends and cool rainy days are perfect for crock-potting. (That sounds rather nefarious.) I did an easy vegetable beef stew yesterday- and will be eatingĀ  leftovers today.

Those geniuses who invented the crock-pot are awesome. You know who else is awesome? Stephanie O’Dea. She used her crock-pot every day for a year AND posted her recipes.

Check out all of her recipes (indexed both alphabetically and by category) on her 2008 blog: A Year of Slow Cooking.

Crock-pots make life so much easier. Of course, you have to plan your dinner menu at breakfast but once that’s dones, it’s so worth it. Your free to shop, read, nap, or in my case….repaint/organize my laundry room. Here is the before-

laundry room before

Yup. Pretty awful. This is actually a pretty tidy shot as the floor is normally covered in dirty laundry. And yes, that is a load still waiting to be ran…piled onto a chain-saw. That’s how I roll, folks. That’s how I roll.

I hope you enjoy the rainy fall weather this week. Grateful as always, Lani


p.s. Finished the make-over! Check it out here.