The best Christmas present I ever received was getting the “Christ” back in Christmas. Of course, opening the wrapping paper was a nightmare (ba-dum, dum :) )

Seriously, my older sister sent me a collection of scripture verse, sheet music, and stories that reflect the true meaning of Christmas. It is meant to be read daily, from Dec. 1 through Dec. 24 in order to help my/our family bring the spirit of Christmas into our home.

Today I’m sharing it with you…and yes, I’m a day late. Sorry. Double up today. My kids and I did Dec. 1 this morning over breakfast. We’ll read Dec. 2 tonight.

Each day’s groupings generally take between 10-30 minutes depending on how many verses of songs you sing and how much you discuss the Christmas stories and verses.

Also note that you can feel free to skip or substitute the scripture or any part of the package if you feel it doesn’t reflect your own belief systems. That’s cool- I think most of the stories and songs are pretty Christian-general-neutral, however they do have an LDS slant since my older sister is Mormon.

I hope you enjoy.

24 Days of Christmas

Daily Christmas Dec 1 thru Dec 3

Daily Christmas Dec 4 thru Dec 7

Daily Christmas Dec 8 thru Dec 11

Daily Christmas Dec 12 thru Dec 14

Daily Christmas Dec 14 thru Dec 17

Daily Christmas Dec 18 thru Dec 19

Daily Christmas Dec 20

Daily Christmas Dec 21 thru Dec 22

Daily Christmas Dec 23 thru Dec 24