Today Kid#1 is testing for his black belt in Taekwondo. If you read this post, you know that it has been a very long process in which Kid#1 has worked very hard.

Now we are at the 11th hour. I’m a nervous wreck. Kid#1 is not. It must be age- he is still too young to think of everything that could go wrong…

freak accidents preventing him from testing

explosive diarrhea

dengue fever


(yes, I’m knocking on wood at this very moment)


Of course, I know that he will be nervous. I’m his mom. I know his tells- and all I can do to help him is pretend I’m not nervous. To remind him

he is prepared

all will be well

to be confident

to write his name on the test (there is a written exam given before they test on the mats. For some reason I’m totally freaked that he will forget to write his name down!)


This is the part of parenting I find so hard to deal with…the stuff I cannot control. I have to just sit back and hope…and pretend I’m so not nervous.


Anyway, on a lighter note, my brother sent me this video- The Parent Rap. (un)Seriously Funny.