For the past 7 years, Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington has been collecting thousands of holiday cards to deliver to veterans staying in VA hospitals around the state and country.

This year, they can add a few hundred more thanks to my neighbor’s kids…or actually, thanks to their MeMe (that’s Gramma in Southern-speak).

As a family Thanksgiving activity, their MeMe has written holiday cards for veterans every year. This year, MeMe’s most fabulous grand-child, Miss Spectacular, decided to involve her class at school. Then, Miss Spectacular’s big brother, Mr. Awesome, decided to ask his class as well. Before long, their entire school was writing holiday cards. Look how precious they are!

veterans holiday letter a







veterans holiday letter

Check out the special mailbox they made to collect them at their school:

holiday cards mailbox

This Friday, Miss Spectacular and Mr. Awesome are going down to Wilmington to deliver the cards and get a personal tour of the Battleship North Carolina.


Moral of the story: One person can make a big difference, no matter your age.

So, Thank you MeMes of the world! Thank you Miss Spectaculars and Mister Awesomes across the nation! Young or old, we can make a difference.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!