The Wake County Assignment plan for the 2013-2014 school year is finally finalized….until that is, it gets refinalized. (hehe)

Seriously, the school board got their ducks in a row (yes, we got the point Ms. Goldman) and we can officially breathe a sigh of relief. Or at least, my family can. We are super happy with our school assignments- straight through to High School- because they are actually our Neighborhood Schools. (During the planning process for this new plan, we were actually assigned a high school that was the 6th farthest away from us- now, we will “hopefully’ go to the one just around the corner).

So, where will your kid(s) be assigned?

Check out the link here: Wake County Public School System Assignment Plan

Here in Cary, you will be provided with your base school which you are automatically assigned to dependent on your address.  You are guaranteed busing from your neighborhood to your base school.

You will also have a calendar option school, i.e. a year-round school. These generally will also guarantee busing (the assignment plan lets you know) and are normally easy to get into…why? Well, because here in Wake County, it’s not just traditional AND year round schooling. It’s traditional, year round-track 1, year round-track 2, year round-track 3, year round-track 4, and of course, the modified schedule. (How crazy is that!!)

If that’s not enough, you could also apply for a magnet school. Transportation is not guaranteed to the magnet schools, which are located throughout Wake County. Please be aware that you must APPLY for a magnet school in JANUARY, from January 14-25, 2013!!!!¬† The Wake County Magnet office will be hosting several informational meetings¬† for parents of rising-kindergarteners and rising-6th graders. Here’s more info about those meetings: Wake County Public Magnet Schools

Also note that most schools will be providing info meetings for rising kindergarteners this month and in January! As kindergarten registration begins January 7th for all of Wake County, check your assigned elementary school then give them a call to find out when their “open houses” are to make sure that school is a great “fit” for your child.

Do you have any more questions regarding the 2013-2014 Assignment Plan? Well, check out the FAQ provided by WCPSS here.


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