Today people across North Carolina are gearing up for their favorite season. I’m not talking about Spring: even with temperatures hitting the low 70s, I am not even talking about pig-pickin’ and corn-hole (yes, this is a real non-pornographic thing). I’m talking ACC Tournament Time, baby.

Many of you out there must think that I’m some sort of basketball junky the way my posts are peppered with NCAA basketball. I’m not…but North Carolina is. I’m just the window offering you a clear sight into what life is like living here in Cary.

For example-

  • WRAL, or CBS here in Cary, will be broadcasting the games…all of them…as in the entire tournament. Sure, ESPN will also be showing some of the games, but they don’t have to knock out regularly scheduled programming to their sister channel (in this case WRAL-2, which I didn’t even know existed.) We’re talking your normal Thursday & Friday afternoon soaps and prime-time viewing habits will not be showing because the ACC is on. It’s ACC  Tourney time, baby!
  • Do you normally wear your suit and tie or business casual to work? Not today. I know many a person who will attending work wearing their ACC Fan gear. It’s like Spirit Week at the local elementary, except for adults. Why? Because it’s ACC Tourney time, baby!
  • That’s not all…The first game of the tourney starts today at noon. If you live outside of North Carolina, you probably can’t watch. Sure, you may have hooked up your cell or your tablet to watch online, but this is the ACC. Here in the NC,  they don’t force their employees to take sneeky peeks at itty-bitty screens…they bring in their TVs from home. Why? Because it’s ACC Tourney time, baby!

Want more info about the ACC Tournament? Need to brush up on your bball lingo before heading out to work? Check out this link to WRAL’s Hoops Headquarters. Don’t fight the basketball fever either; it’s a lot more fun to embrace the craziness. Trust me.