Happy Birthday to MeSoCary! Yes folks, today is officially my blog’s 1st birthday!

More than a year ago, I decided I needed a creative outlet, that might possibly make me some money….a year later,  I realized that making money through blogging is really hard, so I better get a real job….However, I still need the creative outlet. Maybe I won’t get the chance to write as much as I want, but I do enjoy being a random source of information for all things Cary and all things funny (to me).

So, one year ago, my first post was: Almost Ready. Yes, I was just dipping my toe into the blogging pool. However, if we move to Feb. 2, things became very indicative of who I am (as a blogger) today:  Let’s BBQ, Baby!

Other notable posts and info:

MeSoCary’s Annual Round-Up

cowgirl roundup


Total Views so far:     131,785


How people find me: Pinterest (35,207 referrals)


The post that got me noticed on Pinterest:How Not to Make a Cookie Pop


Total Countries MeSoCary has been viewed in: 127


Top 3 Countries who Love MeSo: USA, Canada, the United Kingdom


My most popular post of all time: No Skill/ No Sew Curtains


The post that got me noticed in Cary & my favorite blog-author/DIY Goddess Karen (The Art of Doing Stuff):

The Great Chicken Debate


One of the least popular posts, but one of the most meaningful to me: Grateful Sunday, The Universe Is In Us


So that’s MeSo: a little bit DIY, a little bit Cary politics, a little bit mom-at-home funny business, all rolled up into a little bit awesomness. I’m glad that you have been sharing this journey with me. It definitely makes me feel more grown-up blogger to have actual readers- even if you are all related to me:)

So, what’s been your favorite post this past year? and more importantly, are you going to bring me presents? (just kidding…kindof)