The Battle of the Blues II begins tonight at 7pm on ESPN.

Hopefully, the right blue wins….but either way, I love that North Carolina dominates the NCAA.  The best seat in the house to watch the domination would be at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham. But those tickets are next to impossible to get..however, if you like to watch the game with a bunch of fellow Tar Heels or make fun of the smattering of Devils then you may want to hang out at Woody’s Sports Tavern & Grill.

Located at 8322 Chapel Hill Road in Cary, Woody’s is known for its wings- they buffalo anything- and “authentic American fare”, i.e. bar food. Of course, they also have around 30 flat screens to watch Carolina’s revenge.

For me, I prefer to stick to my den. We’ll watch the game, (of course!,) but on our own couch. I’ll root for the lesser of 2 evils, Carolina, though I must say that I have a slight mama’s crush on Doc River’s son..he’s just so cute!

Go Wolfpack!


Where will y’all be watching the game tonight? Have you been to a sports bar other than Woody’s? Which is better?