I’m back in Cary, North Carolina.

Honestly, I’m a little sad about it- because I miss my family. If only they would move here, then everything would be better.

Of course, I would not at all consider moving our family there…as in, anywhere but Cary. Cary is definitely our home now- and while away this past week, I was reminded why I love it so much…


It’s beautiful in Cary. Even with leaves falling and trees baring their branches- it’s just beautiful here. Driving around Cary and walking through our neighborhood- nature is so evident and lush.


There are no signs. Yes, I know signs make it sooo much easier to find businesses and such…but I realized when driving through my mom’s hometown- Those big billboards are so tacky! I love how Cary is a big town, but without the trappings of city-life; like video billboards and giant business signs screaming in our faces.

Walmart Entrance

Yes, there is a Walmart down that street- along with a Harris Teeter, bank, shoe store, and a string of other businesses.  I love that I could drive right by and only see green landscaping…but in reality, there is a huge shopping plaza through those trees! 

I know it seems weird that I love a town based on how it looks- but as you know, there are 1000s of other reasons as well- people, schools, activities, cost of living, safety.. It just really hit me while away how much I love living in a beautiful place.

Thank you Town of Cary!