What a weekend: NC State lost to Kansas, followed by UNC. The lightening and thunderstorms mimicked the mood in our house. This is the part I hate about competitions; the losing. I feel so bad for all the kids playing their hearts out. However, it’s also a great life lesson for my own kids: Just because you work hard, does not mean you get what you want.

Huh, what? Surely I don’t believe that, you think. Yes. Yes I do believe this. I think it’s a vital message that all kids need to learn. Hard work does not mean your dreams will come true.

This does not mean that I think we should all give up and sit on our couches eating microwave pizza and watch Yard Crashers. (Ok, so maybe that’s how I spent Saturday, but come on, it rained all day!)

What it does mean is this: Success comes from the actual work itself. Knowing that you can push your body to do amazing things; that you can be apart of a team/family that takes care of each other; knowing that your knowledge and skills are continually expanding as you do the work; welcoming adversity; trying on a daily basis…this is success.

NC State and UNC may have lost their chances to be National Basketball Champions, but they are still a success. They worked hard, but their dreams did not come true. But they still won at what matters most. We are proud of them.

I like to think of it like parenthood. We show up on a daily basis; we learn, we care, we try our best…but there is no trophy to win, no National Mom of the Year award, no March Madness to differentiate from the other 11 months of madness. Our success come from actually putting in the work , from the journey we take with our kids. Our success comes the love we have for our kids.


So not everyone gets a title, (I’m looking into that National Mom of the Year award), but there is always a team that walks away with the hardware. Did you know that we have a team in Raleigh who did just that?

photo captured from shawbears.com