Making headlines this past Sunday on the cover of The Cary News was a brand new star: red-headed, small in stature, and even quite buxom. The femme-fatale’s name: Henny-Penny.

Henny-Penny has become the cover girl in the latest Cary scandal: illegal chickens. (Yes, Cary appears to be a hotbed of foul fowls.)

Cary, along with its neighbors of Holly Springs and Garner, are the only Wake County towns to outlaw backyard chickens. But Henny-Penny and her coop-mates are tired of laying in the shadows. They have, with their dedicated poulet-peeps, advanced a proposal for poultry rights. While not scratched in stone yet, the City Council has asked its staff to draft a proposal that would allow for backyard chickens, though no roosters, and no backyard chicken killings. (I wonder if there are any followers of Santeria living  in Cary?) The Council also wants to make sure that new chicken-legalization rules would not ruffle the feathers of current HOA guidelines.

chicken white

Laying eggs for my peeps.

Hahahaha. I love poultry politics. Just thinking about people being all riled up about chickens tickles my chicken funny-bone. I, of course, am PRO-CHICKEN! To find more fowl-friendly folks, I checked out Cary Chickens website. They have the history of the great chicken debate archived, as well as wonderful resources for those looking to get into hen-hosting. (I love their tag: We Give a Cluck about Cary. Bumper sticker, please?)

I’ve actually been pro-chicken ever since reading about a Canadian’s backyard hens in the blog, The Art of Doing Stuff. I follow Karen (author) religiously as she shows her audience, how to do stuff. Like, everything. And less than a year ago, she got chickens. Being amazing, she also built a chicken-coop and films chicken-ballet’s just for fun.

But she also really made me want chickens. I wanted my kids to go out in the mornings and look for eggs; get that “farm” experience without actually living on a farm. So, I looked up the Cary codes, and realized that it wouldn’t happen. Which made me upset, because obviously other animals are allowed. Like dogs.

Dogs. Barking dogs. Biting dogs. Pooping dogs. I know it is not fair to compare dogs to chickens, but seriously, I would rather live next to a neighbor with chickens than one with dogs.

  • Chickens, and their poop,are confined to the backyard of the owner. Dogs poop everywhere. Their owners are supposed to pick up, but don’t. Walk around in your own neighborhood and you can step in see the evidence for yourself.
  • Chickens are quiet. As roosters are not allowed, it would just be the clucking of your hens to announce EGG! Dogs are not quiet. Yes,  dogs are supposed to bark when strangers come close to the house, etc. Yes, most dogs are great. But have you ever lived next door to a dog that barks all the time? That barks at your kids if they step outside to play in their own backyard? Not fun. Chickens don’t do that.
  • Have you ever heard of a chicken attack? A chicken put down for killing a kid? Point-chickens.


But I digress.

I’m excited to see how the poultry propositions hash out. I hope that backyard chickens can finally come out of  hiding, and gain support and respect to Cary citizens. I hope that City Mayor Harold  Weinbrecht and Councilman Jack Smith will change their views about Henny-Penny and realize they are really not foul…just fowls. But if not, that’s ok too. Chicken might not be to their taste, but I’m glad that Cary is finally flying in the right direction.


**UPDATE! The Town of Cary has finally reached a verdict regarding backyard chickens. Will the chickens finally fly the coop of darkness- read all about it here.