For the two years we have lived in Cary, there have been no side-tables next to our bed. One of the drawbacks pluses for moving from a 600 sft home in California, to a 2400 sft home in Cary is actually furnishing all the extra rooms. Hence, no side-tables.

About 4 months ago I picked up a dresser for my side at a Girls Scouts fundraiser for $10. Said Girl Scout was only selling it for $5 but I only had a $10 and felt bad asking for change. It’s an allright dresser, though not perfect. But hey, I only shelled out ten dollars and now I have somewhere to stash my phone, radio, books, and random odds and ends that I find in my pockets at the end of the day (instead of on the ground next to me).

My husband has no dresser/side table though. All of his junk is on the floor. Except for his cell phone. He keeps it under his pillow. I think turning his alarm off is much easier this way than trying to find it on the floor in the morning.

Anyway, I finally decided to take pity on my poor hubbs. He needed somewhere to stash his stuff.

Today, I went to Peterson’s Consigning Design located at 521 E. Chatham Street in Cary.

I had already scoped out various furniture stores around town, but came back to Peterson’s because of the price and quality of goods they sell. They sell some pretty cool things and their inventory is constantly changing.

I wanted to buy these for the Oscar’s tomorrow:

They are about 4 feet tall. I think this would definitely make a statement. However, they cost a few hundred dollars. Its times like these that I wish I was rich because I love a good joke, and my hubbs would go ape-$*@# if I actually brought something like this home. That would be funny.

I did however purchase the dresser I had seen earlier in the week during one of my recon missions. It had been priced at $250. I though this was a steal, since it has 7 drawers and measure around 4 feet. Luckily, when I opened the drawer, I saw this:

This made me really happy. I not only get it for almost half off, but I’m sure that another shopper on their own recon mission had hid the tag in the drawer…so I scored it before them. Fistpump.

(I don’t have a pic of the dresser yet. I’m going to refinish it to a darker mahagony color and change the hardware. I’ll update this post when I’m done.)

I just thought I would pass the word on about Peterson’s. Where else can you buy 2 giant gold men and a dresser/side-table for $139.00? Can’t beat that.