Daylight Savings does not a happy family make. My youngest couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t sleep last night til? I don’t even know. Yes, I fell asleep first. I think that was around midnight when I finally passed out on his too small for two bed. My oldest didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t wake up this morning. Tears. Literally, tears.

Of course it doesn’t help when I feel like this:

photo captured from blog

Honestly, maybe I was more like this:

photo captured from


At times like this, I know the best thing would to do would be to go back to sleep/mainline coffee count my blessings, so I thought I would share some good stuff that happened this weekend.

  1. NC State, UNC, and Duke will be heading to the Big Dance.
  2. My husband mowed, edged, raked the yard.
  3. My son and I exercised together.
  4. I watched a really good movie, 50/50.
  5. I organized my kids’ closets and determined that, no, they do not need new clothes. (They just need to actually wear all of the clothes they own vs only the top of the drawer.)
  6. I finished refinishing the dresser for my husband.
  7. I learned how to design a grab button for the blog and installed it on
  8. The sun was out the entire weekend.
  9. I watched GCB last night.
  10. We are all healthy, safe, and living a blessed life.


I feel much better after writing this…still tired, but the crankiness is leaving the body.  A new day. There is still hope it can be like this:



How do you restart a cranky day? Deal with Daylight Savings? Turn your mood around?