Last night ABC premiered its new comedy-drama series entitled GCB.  The series is based on the novel Good Christian Bitches (yes, that’s what GCB stands for) by Kim Gatlin. I am its targeted market; female of a certain age in a certain income level, etc. Even more than that, I am a huge fan of Kristin Chenowith and Annie Potts (yes, she was my favorite on Designing Women; anyone else watch that show?)

The show is set in Dallas, Texas and features a cast of rich, church-going women who are basically stuck in the high school mentality of jealousy, cliques, and mean-girl attitudes. Sounds fun, right? I think so, especially when you add in a bunch of y’alls and lines like “you’re crazier than an outhouse rat, but I still love you Mama”. Tear-jerker.

I wish I could say that I have no idea if this is what high-society in Dallas really act like… but, according to the Style Network, this is exactly what these Dallas women are like…

Big Rich Texas on the Style Network

I’ve actually seen this reality tv show a few times; but I actually couldn’t stand it. Snarky women in “real” life are not funny; just mean. That’s why I would much rather watch GCB.

As for there being any GCBs in Cary, NC? I would have to say NO. There are a whole lot of good Christians, but we’ll leave the “b” out of it.

Southern Baptists, according to, have the largest following here in Cary, followed by Catholics. This seems pretty accurate from my knowledge of the area.

Data taken from

I know that churches play a huge part of the lifestyle and culture of the area. Don’t worry though if you are not affiliated with a church, you will still fit in. I have never felt pressured, or ostracized, or anything for not attending any churches here. (Ssshh, don’t tell my mama. We go to church with her when she’s in town visiting.)

Living in Cary has also broadened my experience with the Muslim faith, where I have seen (for the first time in real life!) multitudes of women wearing burqas. And of course, as you see from the data above, there are plenty of good people who just aren’t affiliated with any faith. People in Cary are, no surprise, really nice.

I’m hoping to enjoy the new show, GCB. TV, for me, is all about a relaxing escape from reality. I don’t know of any comedy-drama here in Cary that could compete with it…(unless we count the PTA? hahaha)

Did you watch GCB last night? What did you think?