Happy Halloween! We just got back from a morning Halloween Party given by a classmate of one of my kids. Very fun- especially as it wasn’t held at my house :) (15 little kids running around my house? no thank you.)

As the moms gathered around the snack table, I was surprised at how many of them were not going to dress up…really??

I love Halloween.  So, to help those moms (and dads) out, here are some of the easiest, last-minute ideas to wear tonight as you take the kids trick-or-treating.

1. Paint your face.

Make it scary, make it sassy- it doesn’t matter. Even pull out the bright red lipstick (mom or dad) cuz that’s all you need- trust me.

(Everytime I dress up for  date-night with the hubbs my kids ask me “what’s on my face” and “what’s that costume”. Yup,  my kids equate my looking pretty with Halloween.)


2. Do it Gangnam Style. Suit, bow-tie, slicked back hair (mom or dad) and a pair of shades. Just be prepared to pull out the rodeo cowboy move.

last minute halloween costumes


3. Go back in time to the good-ol’ days. Pull out your letterman’s jacket or youracid wash jeans. Do your hair & make-up how you did it as a 16 year old (my bangs were off the chain!). Was I ever as cool as I thought I was?…(no).

Last minuet halloween costumes


4. Add some bugs- what could be creepier then looking totally normal, until someone notices a cockroach in your hair- or on your shoulder, neck,  legs….yuck!

last minute halloween costumes


5. Be your hubbs (and vice-versa). Raid each others’ closets and switch identities…I’ll leave it up to you if you want to raid the panty drawers too;)


How easy are these? So get into the spirit of things- go dress up!


Happy Halloween!