Hockey- what is hockey? Is this some newfangled spitting game? Some key throwing sport done by the French? I dunno. There is some bumbling in my memory of some sport on ice that we were supposed to be watching recently…

Anyhoo, people here in the Triangle seem to be super excited about ┬áthis sport called hockey getting ready to start again. We even have our own team- The Carolina Hurricanes. The “Canes” as they are known here, took the ice today after a 113-day lockout (so the repetitive loop on the local news tells me). I think I am supposed to be excited that there are a pair of brothers who will skate together- as in on the Canes, not figure skating.

I’m reserving judgement. I think I need to see some really cool double axels and loopty-loops before they get me back into their ice-capade shenanigans.

What about you? Have they already hypnotized you back into their steel sharp shoes? Or, has their absence just make you forget all about them?