This morning we ate pancakes. My sister-in-law is visiting from the U.K. and told me that eating pancakes is what people do on Pancake Day. No, IHOP has not sponsored a national holiday, but that’s just another term she uses for Shrove Tuesday, or the day before Ash Wednesday.

I’ve never heard of Pancake Day, but now I know this is what I call Fat Tuesday. Any day that is called Fat, I know. I love Fat Tuesday. The indulgence of all things going to be denied for the next 40 days….or could be if I observed Lent. (Yes, I cherry-pick religion, but how can you say no to a party like Mardi Gras?)

Alas, we have no town-sponsored Mardi Gras parade here in Cary. Durham has a party, sponsored by the Bulltown Strutters (at 7pm).But we will be having our own sort of Carolina indulgences here in Cary…basketball.

Yes, tonight is the big night for kneeling at the alter of the brown ball: NC State Wolfpack vs UNC. (WRAL-TV, 8pm) This is the big rivalry game for those of us living in the Triangle. (explained here)

I’ll be rooting for the Wolfpack, but I won’t give them up for Lent. I will give up pancakes, I will give up….I’ll think about that. But I am loving Fat Tuesday. Pancakes and basketball. How could it get any better?