“Nap time is Fun!”  A lie you tell your 4 year old.

“Brussels sprouts taste better roasted!” A lie your foodie friend tells you.

“New Year’s resolutions give us a fresh start to a new life!”


New Year’s resolutions are basically another lie we tell ourselves to get off our bums and start being kinder, slimmer, more organized, more energetic, more productive,…MORE.

Of course, I make them. Because I want MORE out of my life. I expect MORE from myself. I long for MORE.

So, here is this year’s list (so far):

1. Go to bed by 10pm.

My new job is starting up with a “must leave my house by 6am” to get to work. Shite. I have been an insomniac before I even knew such a word existed. All my life. So…I needs to get some sleep. Even if it means laying there for 5 hours. My body will eventually learn the new routine, right?

2. Make better use of my time.

So, 40 hours/week will now be taken up with “work”. That means I will be losing 40 hours/week I used to read, blog, play, nap, clean, cook, shop, facebook….everything. So I’ve got to figure some stuff out. Mama’s got kids and a hubbs who need me (and who mama desperately needs) so I can’t fool around (as much).

3. Become better organized…so I can make better use of my time.

This is probably a subset of #2, like 2.a., but it requires so much work for me that I think it deserves it’s own goal line. I’ve actually gotten a good start to this…I’ve actually put everything I can remember into my google calendar.  Yeah. I’m not sure if I’m forgetting anything or not…

4. Be positive about change.

I’m trying to keep my negativity to myself (or to ourselves, right blog land?). I want my kids to know that life is not easy, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be grim. I want them to know that mortgages, cars, sports camps, and video games require actual money…and that means everyone has to help out.

Moms around the world work and make it work. I know them. I was one of them (some time ago). I can do it again. (Yes, I’m trying to be a good example to my kids and to myself…must. be. positive. is my new mantra.)

5. Sometimes LESS is MORE.

I’m not superwoman. I do not have superpowers. I must be ok with that.

So. There are my resolutions. Notice there is no word of “weight” or “healthy.” That’s going into Resolution #5.


Any resolutions that you want to share?