So the weather experts are predicting the possibility of snow tonight and early tomorrow morning. Expect MAYHEM people. Yes, MAYHEM. Snow here in Cary, North Carolina is treated like a blizzard in Alaska. Even if its a dusting, a sprinkle, or a slight chance of snow, you will need to prepare yourselves. Here’s what you can expect….



Food Hoarders. Yup, hit the grocery stores ASAP ‘cuz the bread, milk, and cheese straws  are going to be wiped clean. It’s like the chance of snow suddenly has people thinking that we’re entering a war.


Sled Shortages. Even with the “chance” of snow- get your sleds now. Snow doesn’t come often, so you can expect that every parent out there will be prepared to make a “snow day” for their kids.  (Of course, a cookie-sheet or a garbage bag can always substitute for a wild-out-of-control sledding experience)


Schools out or delayed.  Yup, just the chance of snow or even a sprinkle of snow can cancel or “delay” schools. I have lived where it SNOWS, like, past your knees snow and school was never cancelled. Below freezing- too bad, we’re going to school.  I had never even heard of “delays” before…when we moved here in January of 2010 it snowed that first week schools opened after the holidays–I drove my kid to school, and noone was there. I was sooo confused…until I saw the small sign stating “School Delayed due to Snow”. At the time, most of the snow had melted…that had me laughing.

But here in Cary- snow can delay start times for schools, preschools, and even some businesses 1, 2, even 3 or more hours. Pay attention to the news on tv, or online. (I check out for the latest updates.)

And if it DOES snow…well, I highly recommend to get off the road. No offense (which really  means I’m about to offend a lot of you) but people here can’t drive in snow. It’s a little scary. So…


Stock up on your food, get your sled, and prepare for a snow-day at home (no driving). In other words, prepare for the snow just like every other North Carolinian living here in Cary.