For those of you living in a sanity filled March lifestyle, let me fill you in on some madness:

That’s right… The Wolfpack is going to the Sweet 16! They will be joined by my other ACC pick, Carolina, and a sentimental favorite, Xavier. How fun is this?

Lots of fun. Living in basketball mecca helps (North Carolina rules!). March Madness also takes on more meaning when you fill out a bracket. I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t pay that close attention to sports, but is uber competitive…like me. (but that’s a secret, ssshh) Placing some side-bets doesn’t hurt either. (Money need not be involved. I’m talking daily chores, diaper duty, and my favorite, lawn-mowing.)

So far, I’m neck and neck with the hubbs. (We’ve both picked 8 games wrong.) I would have to say I’m ahead though, as my sweet 16 is more correct: I’m 11 for 16 and he is 10 for 16.

My final four picks are Kentucky vs Michigan State and Wisconsin vs UNC. (Don’t be mad that I didn’t put the Pack in the final 4; I hope they get there, but I don’t see them beating Kansas. Maybe next year.) I have Carolina taking it all, beating Kentucky. Of course, that was before the injuries. (Everyone start sending healing thoughts to Marshall & Henson: seriously. Noone will know you’re participating in a totally illogical, hippie-ish, new age ya-ya stuff…send the healing.)

This weekend was also a lot of fun because of St. Patrick’s Day. My Irish neighbors put on one hell of a party! We feasted on Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage, and plenty of libations. Perhaps too many, as someone even spotted a leprechaun..(that’s another story, another time).

I also learned about a game called Deadface. It was thought up by a neighbor when he was a teenager hanging out in his basement with his other teen friends. (Knowing the background to game makes it that much more funnier to me.) Basically, you make your face look “dead”. You get points for making other people laugh or by making them uncomfortable when you suddenly, mid-sentence, go “dead”. Of course, actually trying to get your zombie face on is really hard when your laughing. I lost a lot of points that way. (Yes, I played…how could anyone pass up a game called Deadface?)

Overall, we had a great weekend: thanks to great neighbors, great basketball, and great weather…. I love Cary!

Oh, I forgot: my favorite overheard conversation: Guest 1: Duke is getting beat by Lehigh! Guest 2: Where’s Lehigh from? Guest 1: I know where there at- all over Duke’s a$$!     (Sorry Coach K!)

How was your weekend?