Most of you are probably so thankful that Tuesday, November 6 is just around the corner. Enough of the attack ads, enough of the politics..right?

Well, I love election time. This is like the superbowl of politics. I think its all fascinating- how politicians market themselves, how people respond to certain messages or events. It’s so fun for me. Tomorrow will be bittersweet: on the one hand, we will get to see the results of all the campaigning; on the other hand, we will have to live with the results of all the campaigning. Until the next election that is…

Anyway, I hope you are voting (or have voted already).

Voting Information

When:        Polls open tomorrow at 6:30am and close at 7:30pm.

Where:       Find your polling place by going to NC Voter Lookup. You will need to enter your name, birth date, and county and it will give you your polling place, directions to it, as well as your voting history.

Who:          There’s more to the ballot than just the President of the USA. On the NC Voter Lookup, you can click on My Sample Ballot and get an example of the ballot you’ll be getting tomorrow at the polls. Review it today, make your decisions, and bring it in tomorrow so you can remember who you want to vote for.

Not sure who to vote for? Check out the NC Voter Guide. Just type in your address and it will link to all the races you will be voting for. You can also select the candidate for a side-by-side comparison (using info submitted by the candidates).

Why:            Someone really smart once wrote:

Your vote counts. One vote does make a difference. Landslides are rare. Elections have hinged over single votes. Really.

Your voice counts. You may not be the type to Occupy or write emails, texts, or (gasp) actual letters, but with a simple ballot, politicians will get your message. Don’t you want to be heard?

Your vote is money. Forget about the lobbyists, big oil, the backroom under the table dealings. Voting is how the “little guy” can make a difference. They are not buying your vote- your ballot is the real currency.

Your vote is not just a right, it is a responsibility.  Throughout the world, past and present, people have died, struggled, fought, and dreamed for the ability to vote. Make your ancestors proud! Tell al-qaeda to shove it (can you see my logic here?)! Vote!

(Oh, wait. That was me. I wrote that back in May on this post.)


Go Vote!