Ok peeps. The game is on, and I realized I can recycle an old post…with just a few minor edits. So, unless you were reading me a year ago (there were only like 10 of you out there), please enjoy!


Basketball. Basketball. Basketball.

You may as well practice the way basketball rolls off the tongue because once you move here you will find that people in North Carolina live and breathe this game way of life. In fact, one of the first questions you’ll probably be asked, after where y’all from, is who y’all for?

If you are out-of-state, you can easily get a pass on this question for a time by claiming a college from your former residence (in our case, UCLA). But this works only for awhile. You are going to have to choose. So choose wisely.

Tonight’s game pits the nation’s best basketball teams against each other.

Yes, I know it’s half-time. But I have to let you know that this is the game that matters. You are either for Carolina (UNC) or you are for State (NC State). Of course, I am a State Fan. Yes, I’ve made the pledge. In blood, as it were. (My southern neighbors would have my blood if I rooted for the Tar Heels. In our hood, it’s ABC…anyone BUT Carolina.) So, even if you don’t watch basketball, WATCH THIS GAME. Even if you hate sports, WATCH THIS GAME. Trust me, if you live here in Cary (or anywhere in the Triangle) this game is ALL THAT MATTERS.

unc vs state

See, these schools are the locals’ schools. People you work with went to these schools. Your neighbors send their kids to these schools. (Whereas Duke…. well, Yankees attend Duke. Duke is respected, of course, because of its “fancy” education and Coach Krzyzewski. Really its just Coach K. ) But….you either need to be a Tar Heel or a member of the Wolfpack.

This is my choice:

NC State Wolfpack

Unfortunately, this is the license plate we need to buy:

Who do you support?